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Friday, November 21, 2008

~ eNjOy rEadiNg ~

~ antara koleksi2 yang masih belum aku miliki..but i'm looking forward to have it...~

1. In the Eyes of a Tiger

ROCKY DOESN’T CARE ABOUT WINNING All he wants is to go the distance, to prove he is good enough for himself and all the little guys pinning their hopes on an underdog winning the big prize. In the end Rocky loses the fight, but he is still on his feet as the final bell is rung which is his real triumph.
Not because he loses, but to show there is more than one way to win. As Sylvester Stallone comes full circle in his last outing with two of his famous screen legends Rocky and Rambo, he leaves behind a legacy to the world; not with knockout punches or ricocheting machine guns, but a vital message of hope urging audiences to stand up and fight back for their dreams instead of watching them wash down the drain.
It was a miracle how Chuah, a Malaysian journalist living thousands of miles away in the far east could tap into the pulse of Rocky and Rambo to unravel these living truths, as he saw the correlation between the actor’s life and films and understood every nuance of his words. Driven by a mission to impart these powerful secrets to the world, Chuah religiously documented each and every point to inspire readers to get back on their feet, and onto the heat of action, proving that our greatest strength lies within and is inspired from above!

p/s: ROCKY BALBOA ~ satu citer pasal kesungguhan dan keyakinan..gagal sekali tak bermakna gagal selama2nya..lau korg ada tengok movie ROCKY ni, tak rugi korg beli buku ni..In The Eyes of A Tiger...

2. ekuinoks

Pada malam 21 Mac Dato' Henry Chin ditembak mati sementara isterinya, Datin Brenda, dicederakan. Sebulan kemudian, teman wanita Dato's Chin pula telah dibunuh. Iskandar, seorang bekas peguam jenayah, perlu menyelesaikan kes ini sebelum pembunuh itu bertindak lagi dan membunuh Datin Brenda pula, bekas teman wanitanya.

p/s: buku ni..aku tertarik bile baca sipnosis dia..erm..maybe sebab ada gaya RAMLEE AWANG aku mmg teringin nak beli buku ni..hehehehe

2. Do's and Dont's in Malaysia

Malaysia, truly Asia. This little jingle really does do justice to the old Malaya and the new Malaysia.
More than any Southeast Asian country, Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo and the populous peninsular south of Thailand, sum up the many cultures of Asia.
Blessed with a courteous Muslim population, the Malays, 'original people' – Orang Asli, Dayaks and Ibans – the Peranakan people, and large numbers of Indian and Chinese whose ancestors arrived generations ago, Malaysia is a colourful and harmonious example of multiculturalism at its best.

3. Devil's Place

Ning Somprasong gave up working the streets of Thailand for the more tolerable hotel rooms of Kuala Lumpur. She thinks that if she can send enough money back home, her daughter can avoid making the same choices she had to make.

Terry Fernandez is a struggling musician who’s marrying up. And in the process trading in the life he loves for a world he can’t understand. When he finds his friends dead in his room at The Grand on the night of his bachelor party, he naturally thinks the Minister of Education is trying to kill him.
Chua Chee Ming has been spouting crazy conspiracy theories to anyone who suffers the misfortune of getting into his cab. He thinks the CIA and the Government is trying to kill him because of his theories on human cloning.
Julio Chavez of the CIA hated his posting in Malaysia, until a dead terrorist was found in a hotel room at The Grand. He thinks the Chinese Communist Party is involved somehow.
Suleiman Salleh is back in Malaysia after hiding out in Indonesia for several years. The Most Wanted Man in South-East Asia is on a very important mission but he thinks he’s being stalked by a homosexual.
Fellatio Lim Boon Fatt is a pimp who has lost one of his girls. He thinks the name Fellatio means the Greek God of Power and Wish-dom.
Along with a jaded ex-bouncer, a sleazy cop and an old man who’s looking for his cat, these people find themselves in the middle of The War on Terror, where nothing is what they think it is…

p/s: tataw nape..ilustrasi buku ni menarik perhatian aku..n aku rasa jalan citer nye pun agak aku juz put it in my ~wanted~ list...

ok..buat masa skang ni je yg aku leh kongsi ngan korg..nanti aku update list2 ni ok..
enjoy reading...


let's make reading
a lifestyle of wawasan..

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