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Monday, March 30, 2015

Simple Cook-at-Home: Salmon

salam and hi all~
(motip arini entry nak speaking)

its been a while..not because of i'm retiring from blogging, just i need some ample time to manage myself, my angels and my hubby...also, sometimes *read: most of the time* i'll just save all the pics into draft for i'll find some other time to write..ehehehehe

just like this..i was so drooling over salmon..frankly speaking, it was since right after i'm finished with my confinement with adik adik is already 1 year and 2, this is some kind of long-lost 'mengidam' punya pasal then, managed to find some time to go to Cold Storage, hunting for salmon...and actually found some time *see, i told you i'm running out of time* to cook...

first, i was thinking to have salmon with white sauce..after a while, i changed to have salmon with lemon and herbs sauce..but at last, turn out i just make salmon with 'air asam'...with a lot of Holland onion, cili padi and of course -- soy sauce..teehehehehe..also, i also putting some cherry grape's taste nice, i told you...

i've only marinated it with black pepper and salt..then seared it on flat pan..and did some salads..super for my tekak melayu, i put some brown rice in the plate...then, pour it with air asam, and you're ready to eat..for abg #SyedNaufal. there's an additional fried egg, as he requested...

and now, i'm drooling over salmon again..*tsk*

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