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Thursday, February 5, 2009

:: My FaV Tv ShoW::

~GoSsiP GiRL~
have you ever heard 'bout this tv show..??being honest, this my favourite tv show ever..hahahaha..why..??not sure 'bout that...but this show really excites me..the storyline was simple but will make viewers being curious 'bout what will happen next...

for all those has been wacthing this show ~ great..!!!hehehe..but juz wanna introduce all the character played..basically refer to their picture up there..
::JeNny huMpRey:: ::cHucK BaSs:: ::sEreNa vaN dEr WoodsEn:: ::DaN HuMprEy:: ::blaiR wardoLf:: ::Nate aRcHibaLd::

this show based by a true story..but has been changed a lil to added something spicy n naughty but the angel sides is still there..hehehe..maybe thats one of the reason why i love this show much..
introducing my fav character in this show - BLaKe LivELy as SereNa VaN dEr w0oDseNs..i really2 adore her..i loved her looks, her appearance, her heart, her spirit, her love, everything bout her..she was too good to be true..hehehehe...she care bout all the important persons in her life..she was being too well as SereNa..

also my fav is LeiGhTon mEesTer as bLaiR waRdoLF..she was so pure as sNoW wHiTe..really adore her looks, her style, her purity, her lil evil inside..she got everything what a girl want..hehehehe...she loved wearing dresses/skirts..n never leave her scarves behind..she looks so damn cute but gergous..hehehe...

SeReNa & bLaiRwas really a good friend..when things coming turn bad,a lil 'war' held among them..but as we know, the true love then they becoming good again..and facing so much thing together..

 one is the queen of the city and another is just a simple "LoNeLy Boy"..DaN was a guy who secretly admire SeReNa for quite a long time..but he didnt have any courage to talk with her..he was once saved SeReNa during last year thanksgiving but SeReNa (which is drunk that night) couldnt possibly remember him..what a for two person with totally different background, these lovebird had faces many trouble but they are still being together (as far as in the episodes showing)..

my fav couple in this show was cHUck & bLaiR...cHuCk BaSs was one of my favourite hero in this show..he's not really that kind of 'hero' but with his pure lil heart, he was like a hero for me..ChUcK been introduced as a womaniser, a guy with no heart, no love..but once he realised he was in love, all he wanna do is murdered all the butterflies in his stomach..hehehehe..ho adore bLaiR sooooo much..even Nate is his best friend ever, but it doesnt stop him for loving bLaiR..

from a playboy to a loyal lover, chUcK BaSs was truly my hero..n my favourite character..i loved more to see bLaiR with ChUcK rather than seeing bLaiR with NaTe..hehehe..the feeling, the passion, and all the excitement was truly reveal for the scene of bLaiR & cHUcK..really love this couple soo much..hehehehe

masquarade anyone..??hehehe..last but not least..this is NaTe & JeNny (from the episode tHe HanDmaideN's TaLe)..this two was not really my fav..hehehe..but they're presents need to be complete all my fav characters scenes..hehehehe..

NaTe was firstly dated bLaiR but then bLair ralised that NaTe was not her true love but ChUcK..JeNny was DaN's sister..she always want to be with all the upper east high-class chicks..she got it, but have to sacrifice something as returning..but then she becoming more adorable in season 2 and so on..

in my point of view, NaTe was just confuse with himself..he admitted that he loved bLair, but he always thinking about SeReNa & involved with JeNny for quite a who is truly a playboy besides ChUcK anyway..??hehehe

whatever it is..just wanna share my fav show..
U kNoW U LoVe Me..XOXO GoSsiP GiRL~

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