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Thursday, April 2, 2015

The PopLook: The Soho is To-Die-For

hi all...

after 2 years of holding back to shop, i was in the need for a new bag...last time i have a new bag was way before i was pregnant with adik #NauhaZulaikha...i know, it's been a while i was in the mood of hunting for bags..been looking ever the outlets like Carlo Rino, Sembonia, even at Parkson and so on..and one day there was countless status in my newsfeed about this Sofina, been through FV website and do feel a bit - - feeling over was spacious, simple yet elegant with a very drooling-over studded strap..

see that color..?? and the studded..i'm drooling over this

this Sofina 3 is like a dream come true..i want a big (read: roomy) handbag for i want to put everything into it..all my stuffs..all Naufal's stuffs...and yet all Nauha's stuffs as well..but i don't want my bag to look, i browse FV website and found out this Sofina 3 is a pre-order items..and it priced at RM179...hmmm...can put into consideration tho..

and suddenly i got notification from The Poplook announcing their new colors for #TheSoho...found out that it was from the same designer as Sofina 3, i immediately check that out..and guess what, TheSoho is not a pre-order item..means that if i'm ordering it today so i can i received it by tomorrow...

ow-kay...just focus on the bags ONLY...hehehe..

so it have new 6 colours..been eyeing the orchid and red color..only then i send this actual pic to my hubby..he's know that i'm in the mood of bags-hunting..TheSoho was available in 6 colours, priced at RM119..hmm, slightly cheaper that Sofina 3..but i LOVE the studded on Sofina 3..i read on @sometime_byasiandesigners IG that these two bags is basically the same..only that Sofina 3 is more lebar and TheSoho is more tinggi...

the conversation that REALLY make up my day...

and without knowing, he asked me if i want it for my anniversary pressie...oh my...i don't know he could be such a sweet yet understanding husband...after all, our 6th anniversary was just..what..2 weeks ago..?? and i'm feeling guilty for i didn't buy him anything tho...but i leave it to him to decide on what color i should have..but if he's surely knowing his wife, he'll know that i was silently prayed that he'll get the orchid one for me..hehehehe

see what i mean..?? yummy~

and so, Friday pass by and i didn't received any parcel..owkayyy...but i didn't wanna ask my husband for i know he's also has going through a tired yet hectic weeks..that night, after some movies on tv we went up to bed..only the morning after, i woke up and saw something on the portable aircond opposite to our bed..because it was dark, i took a long time to figured out what that was..after a while then i realised it was a PARCEL...yeay~!!! (only in my heart)

who knows my husband can be romantic like that..hihihihi

and officially -- i have a designer's it by asian designers, i just feel like sailing over the moon...

well, thank you very much's been a while since i'm feeling like this..the feeling when you get what you hunt, and it was the best things ever...surely he did buy me the orchid color..well, you surely know me well, this is the bag that i'm gonna use it it at work or is super simple but studded but that's okay..and the most important thing it is SUPER spacious..i put my make up bag, my wristlet, my bulky powerbank, my hard disk, Nauha's diapers, Naufal's plain water bottle, then they (as are Naufal and Nauha) even stuff it with their keropok and roti..and it still looking great..currently #TheSoho is my favourite now..

at our hotel in Melaka

thanks my hubs for this GREAT gift...thanks TheSoho for the GREAT function..

i LOVE it to the bit ..!!! and..yeah, happy anniversary cayang~!!! i LOVE you to the moon and back...
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